The Litigation Nation Podcast, hosted by Jack Sanker, is a roundup of the most important and interesting legal developments happening right now, giving you an insider’s view to the legal system.

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Johnson & Johnson Sues Researchers Who Linked Talc to Cancer - Ep. 45

OceanGate CEO threatened to sue employees who raised Titan Submarine safety concerns, Johnson & Johnson sues researchers who linked talc to cancer, and A Federal Judge...

OpenAI Maker of ChatGPT Hit With Class Action Copyright Lawsuit by Sarah Silverman and Authors - Ep. 44

OpenAI Maker of ChatGPT hit with class action copyright lawsuit by Sarah Silverman as well as authors Christopher Golden and Richard Kadrey, A groundbreaking climate c...

Will Artificial Intelligence Lawyers or ChatGPT Disrupt the Legal Industry? - Ep. 43

Artificial intelligence could impact law firms business model of billable hours, New York lawyers sanctioned for using fake ChatGPT cases in legal brief, Texas judge b...

Supreme Court Sides With Jack Daniels in Trademark Case - Ep. 42

Supreme Court Sides With Jack Daniels in Trademark Case & Federal Trade Commission Proposes Ban on Employment-Related Non-Compete Agreements With Labor & Employment At...

Is The Debt Ceiling Unconstitutional? - Ep. 41

Explaining the debt ceiling, the history of the 14th Amendment, & Massachusetts lawsuit with merit argues the debt ceiling is unconstitutional.    

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